Primal Herbal Cones 2/pk



Primal Herbal Cones

Primal® Herbal Cones are non-tobacco and nicotine-free. These easy-to-load cones are made with the finest natural herbs and other premium ingredients. They were created for a hassle-free smoking experience and pair perfectly with our Herbal Smoking Blend. Each resealable pouch includes two cones with unbleached filter tips and a straw for easy packing.


Originating in China over 7,000 years ago, the sweet, succulent citrus flavor of Peaches has spread throughout the world. The Primal® Peach Herbal Cones seamlessly combine with the robust depth of the Yerba Maté flavor to provide a delicious, smooth and sweet taste. Pair these Primal® Herbal Cones with the Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend for a truly peachy smoking experience.


The unique tart, yet sweet flavor of Cherries is popular around the world. Our Primal® Cherry Herbal Cones are also popular with customers – and for good reason. These bold flavored Primal® Herbal Cones combine with and enhance the delicious, robust taste of the Yerba Maté flavor and will instantly awaken and refresh your taste buds. Like other Primal Cones, they are delightful, especially when used with the Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend.


Celebrated in South America for centuries because of its unique taste and cross-cultural heritage, Pineapple was the obvious flavor to enhance Primal® Yerba Maté Herbal Cones. This tempting addition to the Primal family of non-tobacco, no nicotine products is hand-made with globally sourced herbs and works well with Primal Herbal Smoking Blend.  Smooth and inviting, Primal Pineapple Cones are destined to become a customer favorite.


Thousands of years of cultivation have produced over 10,000 varieties of Grapes that are used in many ways today. Primal® Grape Herbal Cones perfectly build on the smooth Yerba Maté flavor and blend a delicate balance of the best Grape flavors to provide a sweet, full-bodied, and aromatic flavor. Make sure to try these with Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend for the full experience.


Blueberries have been farm-to-table for over 100 years, and they are a staple fruit in our lives today. The mellow, sweet and delightful Blueberry taste is an irreplaceable flavor addition to family of Primal® Yerba Maté Herbal Cones. This unique flavor pairs perfectly with the Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend.

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