Futo Dugouts *Sale*


$2.99 $119.99

Every FutoDugout is one of a kind. Finely crafted from a rich selection of exotic woods, milled to perfection to achieve a nearly seamless seal. Each FutoDugout is a work of art. A Dugout is a portable smoking system with a compartment for a one hitter (glass available with GX models) and an area for your stash. Simple, stylish and discrete.

Mi: Futo Micro Dugout

Stash: 0.5 Grams
Micro Hitter

M: Futo Medium Dugout

Stash: 1-2 Grams
Regular Hitter

X: Futo X Dugout

Stash: 3-4 Grams
Regular Hitter

GX: Futo GX Dugout

Futo GX Dugout
Stash: 3-4 Grams
Glass Hitter


Incredibly Eye-Catching wood grains with a Naturally Preserved Live Edge.

Futo M Live Edge: Compact Design, Stash 1-2 grams.

Futo X Live Edge: Poker Tool, Stash 3-4 grams.

Glass Hitters: Bevel tip for easy loading. Thick 12mm glass.




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