Extract Solutions Co. Suspension Fluid *Sale*

Extract Solutions Co.


Take your EXTRACTS to the next level!

Extract Solutions uses only the finest USP and food grade ingredients. We are on the forefront of new products that are changing the industry, revolutionizing products to convert your extracts into herbal suspensions for herbal liquid uses. We've spent many hours on developing our products with an attention to detail and quality, which will always be our number one priority next to customer service. Known for its consistency, stability, and amazing flavor; Ready Mix will save you countless dollars and enhance your overall herbal extract experience.


Heat desired amount of ready mix to 150 degrees via microwave for 10 seconds or using a double boiler method. Add 1-4 ml of ready mix to 1 gram of herbal extracts, depending on desired final concentration. Shake or stir until dissolved. Reheating may be needed for some extracts. Ready mix has shown stability at up to 60% herbal extract. 


USP Grade Propylene Glycol, Natural Emulsifier, and Natural & Artificial Flavoring.

60ml Glass Bottle

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